Supersize me Facts – the Accuracy

There are many people who got to thinking that the SuperSize documentary was nothing but some sort of an expose meant to reveal what the fast food industry is really about. This is done in order to warn people about what such chains do to their waistlines. With this, the curiosity behind Supersize me Facts reached its peak. However, despite the claims, there are still people who are not convinced about the mentioned. An example of this is Tom Naughton. Is it really possible to lose weight with only a fries and burger?

The Comments

It was seven years ago when Morgan Spurlock put into demonstration the real consequences of trying to maintain a fast food diet. This does not happen a lot. With only a span of four weeks, the health of Spurlock deteriorated up to a certain point when his physician has to warn him about how his health will be put into jeopardy if he continues to carry on with the experiment. This is the reason why the documentary suddenly turned out to be the Best Screenplay way back in the year 2005.

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Indeed, there are some people who consider the realization of powerful illustration as a mere danger. This is why they are not in any way in favor of the so called food diet. This even lead to Tom Naughton, a writer and comedian, to come up with a video entitled Fat Head. This was a way for him to testify that the message of the said Super Size Me documentary was nothing but baloney. This was like his on side of the story.

With the aforementioned, many citizens became alarmed. Is the consumption of fast food really that bad? Or is there an exaggeration going on in here? In the series of Fat Head, Naughton was the one who underwent a fast-food diet for more than 28 days. As compared to that of Spurlock, who found himself gaining weight, the earlier claimed to lose almost 12 pounds. The line here is that there was a myriad of differences when it comes to diets. However, there was a glaring beverage that Naughton got to be made a choice. This involved iced tea and water. This was again placed into comparison with the soda, a gallon, which was consumed by Spurlock during those times.

There were times when Naughton had to skip French fries. The bread was also removed from the daily menu. These all accounted to the sudden weight loss. Not anything else. Refined carbs were cut into the system basically. The consumption of around 5,000 calories was reported daily by that of Spurlock. Naughton do not believe that plausibility of this. This was perceived to be impossible. This was not going to be realized most especially by those who are to consume three fast-food on a daily basis. This was the main point for him not supporting the food log of Spurlock. With this said, it can be assured that eating fast food will take a toll on your body.