Alex Morgan’s Wedding in the Outdoors of SoCal

Alexandria Patricia Morgan was the youngest US women’s football player during the 2011 FIFA World Cup. She became popular among football enthusiasts when she won a gold medal with her team in 2012 Olympics. Apart from keeping tabs on her football achievements, fans can’t help but stalk her happy and colorful personal life. We just did you a favor and gathered details about her most memorable chapter in life – the Alex Morgan wedding.

Alex tied the knot with her long-time boyfriend, Servando Carrasco. Like Alex, Servando is also an athlete. He currently plays for the city of Orlando in the Major League Soccer.

Apart from sharing their love for soccer, Alex and Servando also work on other projects like the Equal Play, a movement that aims to provide equal compensation for US Women Football teams.

The Instagram accounts of these two athletes are filled with their adorable snaps together. They are a huge fan of each other.

Servando and Alex met at University of California. Both very talented and skilled athletes played for the Golden Bears. They got engaged back in 2013.

The couple got married on the New Year’s Eve of 2015. The ceremony and reception was held at Rancho Dos Pueblos in Santa Barbara, California.

In an interview with Tie the Knot, Alex revealed that she wanted an outdoor wedding because she loved the weather in SoCal.

At the wedding reception, Alex honored Servando’s Mexican roots by serving Latin-infused dishes. Their wedding also featured Spanish speakers to cater to their Mexican guests.

The couple had a total of 180 guests on their wedding. Most of their guests were members of the US Women’s National Team and Servando’s family.

The Servando and Alex Morgan wedding was star studded. The couples’ wedding guests included Ashlyn Harris, Tobin Heath and Sydney Leroux.

Fans can’t help but swoon over the very sweet relationship of Mr. and Mrs. Carrasco. Aside from following their careers, we can’t wait to see them start their own family.

Katy Perry’s Without Makeup Look Makes Her More Relatable

Katy Perry must have tried all sorts of makeups and hairstyles over the years. She has made a brand out of it. She doesn’t just bank on her voice to make it big in the industry. She has also revealed her creativity with the way she dresses up and presents herself in major events. However, when Katy Perry is without makeup, she looks like a totally different person. She is such a natural stunner.

Katy was trying a costume on in this photo and she appeared without any makeup. Couldn’t she be any cuter than this?

This is such an adorable photo of Katy with a baby with the same round blue eyes just like her. She seems ready to be a mom.

Katy was photographed without makeup during a rehearsal. She had very thin eyebrows, but her expressive round eyes are still a standout.

Considering how far Katy’s career has gone, it is quite difficult to imagine that she is still the daughter of very religious and conservative parents.

People mocked her for looking like this without makeup. For sure, you would give up anything just to be as naturally fresh and beautiful as Katy in this photo.

Katy’s personality especially on stage is larger than life. However, if you see her in this casual photo, you will realize that she is a very relatable person.

Katy was just relaxing on a hammock looking as stunning as this. Sometimes, she can go on stage without having anything on her face.

Of course, she looks adorable with full makeup on. It highlights some of her best facial features and she has mastered the art of styling over the years.

With the right makeup on, Katy Perry can transform into a real life Barbie doll. This stage performance is a proof to that.

Even when she was covered in this ridiculous pizza outfit, her stunning face still shines through. She really is a star.

Facts about Golden Retrievers – Should you take care of one?

In the United States, Golden Retrievers are one of the most popular breeds of dog there is. This breed became a favorite because it is friendly. It also comes with high amount of tolerance which makes it a desirable pet for the whole family. Its intelligence is also one of its kind. As a matter of fact, it can be a working dog if there is a need for it. These Golden Retrievers can be utilized for various retrieving games for hunters and also sniffing of drugs, tracking, among others. They can also serve as therapy for those who are suffering from a condition. With this, they can be an assistant dog. Naturally, they are athletes. They also excel in sports including competitive obedience and agility. These are facts about Golden Retrievers.

Golden Retrievers

Other interesting information about Golden Retrievers

The popularity of Golden Retrievers should not come as a surprise. From the name itself, it is indeed golden because of its intelligence, social skills, beauty and loyalty.

Aside from an impeccable cognitive levels, Golden Retrievers are also very lively. The rate of their maturity is really slow. There is just a tendency for them to somehow stay playful and silly until they reach three to four years old. These can be delightful and annoying all at the same time. There are even instances when they remain in their puppyish traits until they are really old already.

Taking care of a golden retriever is a huge responsibility. It is actually very demanding physically. They would have to be given exercise every day. It can be walking, jogging for as long as they are tag along. They may also go for a run in the beach if that is possible. If trained properly, Golden Retrievers can be effective for game fetch. There are still other intelligent breeds out there that are skilled enough. They can retriever papers, wake up family members, and as well as compete in dog sports. When these Retrievers are tired, they can be the most behaved too.

Aside from exercising the mental and physical aspects of the dog, they also need to be prepared for family activities. Golden Retrievers are very much a family dog. They have to be on the back of their owners all the time when there is a chance. Prior to owning one, there is a necessity to make sure that you are already capable of handling them. If not, that would be a big problem. Make sure you can give your attention to them.

If there is a slight drawback about the dog, it can be with the fact that it is not designed to be a watchdog. Yes, he will bark when he sees strangers. However, there is just a little possibility to it because of its friendly nature. Chances are, he will wag his tail and smile. That is how Golden Retrievers are. They are amiable like that. If you are okay with this, go find yourself a Golden Retriever now!

Hiroshima Bombing Facts – A Quick History Guide

Today, Hiroshima is perceived as an in-demand tourist destination. Upon first look, no one would ever believe that the place holds a significant event that struck the world. Well, it was already six decades ago. It is not surprising that a little amount of remains are scattered. Regardless, no one would ever forget the bomb dropping. There are still physical clues that would show it otherwise. The bombing is still embodied by the hollow tree trunks. These can be an evidence that something really happened in the place. Regardless, it is not yet late to discover Hiroshima bombing facts.

The facts about Hiroshima can be pretty scary, if one will only think of it. While it has a little effect now, it can still be hunting. The a-Bomb Dome ruins may serve as a perfect example. There is a tenfold of monuments which are all meant for the victims of the tragic event. There is the Peace Memorial Park. There is also the presence of the Children’s Peace Monument. The same is also true for the Peace Ball. All of these are significant. The victims had their own unique life prior to the bombing. If there is one popular corpse that lies on the given monuments, it would be in the Children’s Peace where Sadako is. Sadako was only 10 years old when she died.

main_900.jpg (900×657)

In Japan, Sadako was pretty much a legend. Whenever one visits schools, or tourist spots, a paper crane is usually offered to her. This is a way for her memory to be honored. The crane is composed of colored papers. It can be placed everywhere. As a matter of fact, almost a thousand of cranes were already created. There were tiny ones which were now very hard to determine.

The said paper cranes were obtained from the Japanese tradition. This could be traced down to origami, or the art of folding paper. Today though, it was given a different meaning for it intends to express peace.

Sadako was only two when she came across A-bomb. Primarily, she was not injured. This was the reason why they thought she was not damaged at all. However, after nine years, she manifested various signs of the disease. Her recovery was yearned for. This was the reason behind the folding of paper cranes. Eight months after, she was consumed by the disease. She died October 25, 1955.

Documentaries on the other hand can be seen in the Peace Memorial Museum. This would depict the occurrences in the Hiroshima. One will surely be transported to the event because there were footages of the bombing. The impact was also shown as the aftermath. For sure, one will be moved by these because this would be a realization to the suffering of people who were there in that very unfortunate bombing

The East building would always be the sign of the atomic bomb dropping, city reconstruction and the nuclear weapon terror. All of these are still present. Learn more about Hiroshima!

Hispanic Heritage Month Facts – The monster

On September 15, the Hispanic Heritage Month began. This was considered to be the anniversary of independence. This was the case involving five Latin American countries namely El Salvador, Costa Rica, Honduras, Guatemala and even Nicaragua. As an addition to this, Mexico finally declared the independence it is now enjoying on the 16th of September. This is always included in a ton of Hispanic Heritage Month facts. As for Chile, the celebration usually happens on the 18th. This is how it has always been. It is a tradition that will be kept and that is for sure.

The term called Latino or Hispanic is described by the United States Census Bureau means Puerto Rican. This may also be south or Central American. There may also be a Spanish culture which is the origin of whatever race it may be. On the Census form from the year 2010, there are people, Spanish, Latino and Hispanic, to be specific, who always consider themselves as Mexican American, Mexican, Cuban, Puerto Rican, and Chicano. This is said to be another origin of the Spaniards. There was a consensus undertaken on the same year. It was said that, there were 50.5 million people, or almost 16% of the whole population, which is perceived as Hispanic. They may also be looked at as Latino origin. This shows the increase which is happening significantly. This is true as compared to the Census which was undertaken in the year 2000. It has been said that the Hispanic population registered almost 35.3 million people, or almost 13% of the whole population of the United States.

hispanic-heritage-month-3_0.jpg (975×689)Hispanic Heritage MonthHispanic Heritage MonthHispanic Heritage MonthHispanic Heritage MonthHispanic Heritage MonthHispanic Heritage MonthHispanic Heritage MonthWhen it comes to its features, it has been obvious that there are notable books involved. This features Hispanic Americans. There were also Spanish loan words, holidays, preferences and even that of ethnic technology. When it comes to the statics of the whole population, it became really noteworthy as well.

Needless to say, the National Hispanic Heritage Month will always be a way to celebrate the legacies, customs and even the achievements of the citizens of the United States. These are the ones who come with their very own Hispanic roots. It was in the year 1968 when the very first national celebration of the National Hispanic Heritage Month transpired. This was past the date of the discovery of America. This was done by Christopher Columbus on the 12th of October.

When it comes to the celebrations, a couple of expectations may be set. These may include concerts, screenings, and even festivals. These all come with crafts and food. There may also be other goods which are usually displayed in the museum. As for today, it has been said that there are 53 million of people who have their own share of Hispanic ancestry. This is true just in the United States alone.

What is even more surprising is the fact that Hispanics also come with their race minority. This is also the case for the United States alone. This makes up almost 17% of the population of the said country.

Supersize me Facts – the Accuracy

There are many people who got to thinking that the SuperSize documentary was nothing but some sort of an expose meant to reveal what the fast food industry is really about. This is done in order to warn people about what such chains do to their waistlines. With this, the curiosity behind Supersize me Facts reached its peak. However, despite the claims, there are still people who are not convinced about the mentioned. An example of this is Tom Naughton. Is it really possible to lose weight with only a fries and burger?

The Comments

It was seven years ago when Morgan Spurlock put into demonstration the real consequences of trying to maintain a fast food diet. This does not happen a lot. With only a span of four weeks, the health of Spurlock deteriorated up to a certain point when his physician has to warn him about how his health will be put into jeopardy if he continues to carry on with the experiment. This is the reason why the documentary suddenly turned out to be the Best Screenplay way back in the year 2005.

maxresdefault.jpg (1920×1080)

Indeed, there are some people who consider the realization of powerful illustration as a mere danger. This is why they are not in any way in favor of the so called food diet. This even lead to Tom Naughton, a writer and comedian, to come up with a video entitled Fat Head. This was a way for him to testify that the message of the said Super Size Me documentary was nothing but baloney. This was like his on side of the story.

With the aforementioned, many citizens became alarmed. Is the consumption of fast food really that bad? Or is there an exaggeration going on in here? In the series of Fat Head, Naughton was the one who underwent a fast-food diet for more than 28 days. As compared to that of Spurlock, who found himself gaining weight, the earlier claimed to lose almost 12 pounds. The line here is that there was a myriad of differences when it comes to diets. However, there was a glaring beverage that Naughton got to be made a choice. This involved iced tea and water. This was again placed into comparison with the soda, a gallon, which was consumed by Spurlock during those times.

There were times when Naughton had to skip French fries. The bread was also removed from the daily menu. These all accounted to the sudden weight loss. Not anything else. Refined carbs were cut into the system basically. The consumption of around 5,000 calories was reported daily by that of Spurlock. Naughton do not believe that plausibility of this. This was perceived to be impossible. This was not going to be realized most especially by those who are to consume three fast-food on a daily basis. This was the main point for him not supporting the food log of Spurlock. With this said, it can be assured that eating fast food will take a toll on your body.

Nicotinamide for Skin: Uses, Brand Names, and Indications

Acne is a bothersome, yet common skin ailment caused by the blockage of sebum and hair follicles in the skin’s pores. Although regular face washing may help keep sebum at bay, an additional treatment may be required. There are several types of treatment for acne. Some acne may clear up with an over-the-counter spot treatment. Sometimes drug store treatments fail in treating persistent acne. In such cases, a prescription acne medication may be sought from a dermatologist. Nicotinamide, available in topical and oral form, helps reduce acne, but does not prevent it at the source.


Nicotinamide is also referred to as niacinamide, as it contains B vitamins. According to, Nicotinamide topical ointment comes in cream and gel. The gel is the most popular version, and is called Nicomide T Gel. Nicomide is also the brand name of the oral form of nicotinamide acne medication, with Nicotinamide being the primary reports that Nicomide tablets also contain folic acid, zinc oxide, and cupric oxide.

07154-structure-1.jpg (800×615)

Using Nicotinamide

Nicotinamide topical ointment is applied to the affected area twice a day to help clear up acne. Nicodime oral medications are taken daily to help reduce inflammation caused by acne. states that Nicodime works similarly to an antibiotic. Unlike an antibiotic, there is no risk of building bacterial resistance. However, nicotinamide medications do not directly reduce acne. They are merely designed for the severe redness caused by acne vulgaris.

Both types of medications reduce the redness associated with acne. reports that the topical version of nicotinamide is also a drying agent. Therefore, using this medication will decrease the amount of oil, also known as sebum, in the skin. In turn, the skin’s pores may have a decreased chance of blockage.

Side Effects of Nicotinamide

Topical nicotinamide can cause excessive drying. In such a case, one may consider reducing the application to once a day, or every other day. Since nicotinamide does not reduce the amount of acne, you should ask your dermatologist for another type of acne treatment. The persistent formation of pimples may be reduced in appearance with nicotinamide, but the problem will not be fully solved.

Side effects can occur with Nicodime, the oral version of nicotinamide. According to, the levels of zinc oxide can cause copper deficiency. People with liver disease should avoid this medication. Other side effects may include fever, headache, rash, blurred vision, diarrhea, hyperglycemia, nausea, dark urine and vomiting. does not recommend nicotinamide usage in pregnant and nursing women

The Realities of Life That Movies Convey


Who wants to watch an awesome romantic, comedy, family oriented movie? Well, I can feel such hands in the air! When talking about family, I guess we are attached to it. Having these kind of movies makes us realize some things that we don’t actually see in reality. About life? About how we live life? About little things in life? Yes! We can find answers to those simple questions when we watch these kind of movies. It may not be the best answer, yet it will help us get to the right one. “Yours, Mine & Ours” is one of those great movies you can actually watch together with your love one plus the kids.

Aired in 2005, this American Family film starring Dennis Quaid and Rene Russo will surely give you laughs, tears and lessons you can actually use for your whole lifetime. Kids will enjoy, you will laugh and learn. Isn’t this what you are looking for?