Hispanic Heritage Month Facts – The monster

On September 15, the Hispanic Heritage Month began. This was considered to be the anniversary of independence. This was the case involving five Latin American countries namely El Salvador, Costa Rica, Honduras, Guatemala and even Nicaragua. As an addition to this, Mexico finally declared the independence it is now enjoying on the 16th of September. This is always included in a ton of Hispanic Heritage Month facts. As for Chile, the celebration usually happens on the 18th. This is how it has always been. It is a tradition that will be kept and that is for sure.

The term called Latino or Hispanic is described by the United States Census Bureau means Puerto Rican. This may also be south or Central American. There may also be a Spanish culture which is the origin of whatever race it may be. On the Census form from the year 2010, there are people, Spanish, Latino and Hispanic, to be specific, who always consider themselves as Mexican American, Mexican, Cuban, Puerto Rican, and Chicano. This is said to be another origin of the Spaniards. There was a consensus undertaken on the same year. It was said that, there were 50.5 million people, or almost 16% of the whole population, which is perceived as Hispanic. They may also be looked at as Latino origin. This shows the increase which is happening significantly. This is true as compared to the Census which was undertaken in the year 2000. It has been said that the Hispanic population registered almost 35.3 million people, or almost 13% of the whole population of the United States.

hispanic-heritage-month-3_0.jpg (975×689)Hispanic Heritage MonthHispanic Heritage MonthHispanic Heritage MonthHispanic Heritage MonthHispanic Heritage MonthHispanic Heritage MonthHispanic Heritage MonthWhen it comes to its features, it has been obvious that there are notable books involved. This features Hispanic Americans. There were also Spanish loan words, holidays, preferences and even that of ethnic technology. When it comes to the statics of the whole population, it became really noteworthy as well.

Needless to say, the National Hispanic Heritage Month will always be a way to celebrate the legacies, customs and even the achievements of the citizens of the United States. These are the ones who come with their very own Hispanic roots. It was in the year 1968 when the very first national celebration of the National Hispanic Heritage Month transpired. This was past the date of the discovery of America. This was done by Christopher Columbus on the 12th of October.

When it comes to the celebrations, a couple of expectations may be set. These may include concerts, screenings, and even festivals. These all come with crafts and food. There may also be other goods which are usually displayed in the museum. As for today, it has been said that there are 53 million of people who have their own share of Hispanic ancestry. This is true just in the United States alone.

What is even more surprising is the fact that Hispanics also come with their race minority. This is also the case for the United States alone. This makes up almost 17% of the population of the said country.